24 Hr Emergency Response
At Track Tech we understand the urgent nature of track related emergencies. Track Tech mans the phones 24/7, and stands ready to respond to our customer's emergencies. Whether it is a broken rail or response to a derailment, we are awaiting your call.




Routine Track Maintenance Programs
      Our rail services include routine track maintenance programs. These programs include the routine inspections and lubrications of turnouts, routine gauge inspections, and monthly/quarterly inspections. 
      The objective of these types of programs is to stay proactive regarding the condition of your rail facilities. This generally leads to more frequent, but far less expensive, maintenance programs.
      Be sure to contact us to discuss a routine track maintenance program for your facility.


New Track Construction
      New track construction is a process which requires a great deal of planning and knowledge. With the experience of established railroad leaders and multiple engineers on staff, we are the easy choice when it comes to your new track project. We will ensure that your new track vision becomes a reality.


Tie Renewal
      Tie condition is perhaps the most critical component of a rail maintenance program.  Poor tie condition is involved in most track defects and is most easily recognized. Wide track gauge and raised spikes are two early indicators of weak ties.
      We maintain specialized track equipment, which gives us great efficiency in tie renewal projects.  Please call to discuss a tie renewal plan for your facility.


Rail Renewal Services
      With the growing size of unit trains in the rail industry, rail renewal and/or upgrades have become more prevalent for our high tonnage customers.
     We routinely purchase new/relay rail and stock most rail sections in our yard.  Please contact us if you would like to discuss the condition of the rail in your facility.          


Road Crossings
      Track Tech is experienced in all types of rail/highway crossings. We offer our customers the highest quality crossings and crossing maintenance, whether it is a simple asphalt crossing or a complex, full depth pre-stressed pre-cast concrete panel.   


Inspections/Budget Programming
      We provide inspections to ensure our customers meet the applicable FRA Guidelines (FRA Part 213); however, this is only half the battle. We appreciate that the cost for rail maintenance must be programmed into the facility's operating budget to be effective.
      Our budget programming allows for customers to understand the ongoing costs for rail maintenance and helps them to prioritize rail repairs.